Your Utah home may be cozy and beautiful, but is it big enough for everything you need? Our premium contractors can build an addition to your home to give you the space you need. RiddCo has the knowledge and experience needed to bring your home higher in value and with more functionality. 

As a premier home remodeling company, we can design the addition to your home to fit your vision perfectly. Your addition will fit seamlessly within your existing structure, so well that people will think your home has always been spacious. 

Don’t Move When You Can Improve

Home additions allow you to improve your home without needing to move. Whether your basement, garage, or rooms need more space, our professional remodeling experts can give you the space and design needed for you to live comfortably in your Utah home. Families change and so do needs, and a home addition is an excellent solution for extending the space within your home. 

Start Planning Your Home Additions Today

Our home addition construction team will work with you through each stage of the process to ensure you receive the best service and results possible. We are highly trained and experienced, and hold ourselves to a high standard of excellence. We base our work off of your preferences as the homeowner and make sure that your satisfaction is paramount to anything else. Our goal is to make your vision a reality and get your home spacious enough to fit all your needs. Everything from functionality to aesthetics we have got you covered so you have the most stylish and functional home possible.