At RiddCo, we believe that keeping our design and remodeling process transparent is the key to gaining trust with our customers. We remain honest throughout our projects with each homeowner and place their needs and wants at the top of our list. We also work closely with each homeowner to help the process be as easy and as simple as possible. Our full remodeling process is as follows.

Phase 1: Initial Meeting 

During the first phase of your home remodel, an initial meeting will take place between you and our team. We will ask you many questions to determine if we are a good fit for you and your project. This is also the time to set your expectations and vision for what you want your home to look like. If it looks good and seems like we would be a good fit, then an in-home consultation will take place.

An in-home consultation is meant to help us help you. This is the time to tell us what exactly you don’t like about your home and then discuss the changes you want to make. That way we can cater to your exact needs and expectations and ensure your remodeling project is done on time and within your budget. Following the in-home consultation, we will schedule a second meeting to discuss the scope of work and budgeting. Once the agreement is signed, we will move to the design stage.

Phase 2: Design

A lot of our clients come to us with an initial idea, but nothing more. In order to see the project through fruition, we need full working plans that we can do detailed estimating with and use to build the desired project. Riddco is connected with architects to fit the needs of each project. The design process is a contract in which an agreed amount is paid to design, plan, and value engineer the project to fit the needs of the client. In this process, the designer, engineer, builder and homeowner all collaborate to complete a set of plans that can then be used to build. There are times when a homeowner has their own set of plans and wants to build from that set.  The process used at this point is slightly different. Riddco commits through contract and a specified fee to complete the site-walk process below as well as the budget presentation.

Phase 3: Work Site Visit & Walk-Through

This is a half-day set aside for all of the trades to walk through the home, look at the plans, and ask questions to either Riddco, the homeowner, or both in order to be armed with the right information to put together a realistic budget for their particular scope of work. Riddco will then compile all of the information collected from the trade contractors and put together a working budget in preparation for the budget meeting.

Phase 4: Budget Presentation

This is a time when Riddco’s project manager and/or owner sits down with the homeowner to discuss the budget in detail. This is a cost breakdown of each trade involved in the projects and budgets for material items based on selections or ideas given by the homeowners. This is also a time to review trade contractors bids and make sure everything that the homeowner has desired has been included. A time to ask questions, a time to clarify. This is also the time when commitment is made to either move forward with the project or to adjust the scope to fit the budget so that we can move forward.

Phase 5: Permit Process

Once clients have committed to moving forward with the project, plans and engineering are submitted to the city in order to receive a permit to get started. Phase 6: Weekly Meetings Throughout Project During the project process, we establish a weekly time and day to meet. We’ll review budget, schedule, and agenda items in the weekly meetings, in order to ensure everything is going smoothly.

Phase 7: Final Walk-Through

Once the project is completed, it’s time for a final inspection and final walk-through. We’ll set-up time for an open house or new remodel walk-through. Riddco will send out invites to a specified number of friends, as well as those that have helped with the project so that the homeowner can show off the project. One year after the project has been completed, Riddco will arrange to do a site visit. This is a time for Riddco to find out how the homeowner is liking the remodeled space.